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Tour of Moscow and St. Petersburg

Hi Everybody! My name is Vadim Pavlov. I was born in Moscow in 1973 and have lived here all my life. Having participated in all historical events that happened since then, I can tell you interesting stories about the history and development of my city.

I am a Muscovite with intimate knowledge of Russian history, culture and society. If you are looking for a friendly guide, translator, driver, interpreter or a business consultant to seek opportunities in Russia, look no farther. My decades-long experience in the tourism industry is a testimony to the excellence of my services.

Contact me to organize a tour for you or to furnish any relevant details you need. Just reach out to me and I will respond.

All varieties of excursions in Moscow.

Visit the cultural and historical gems of Moscow. Take a trip to the classic Golden Ring or create your own flexible itinerary, my company “ VP THEBEST TOUR” offers individual and group excursions, multiple transportation options and expert guides and translators for each tour.

Turning to me you will get the best impressions of the tour in Moscow.

 Personal guide to Moscow


Religious Russia – tour of Temples and Monasteries

Tour of Temples and Monasteries For centuries, Russia has been the homeland of the Eastern Orthodox Church. And the country…
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Moscow and St. Petersburg tour

        Moscow and St. Petersburg are the two gems of Russia. They are two of the most historically…
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Moscow Bar Tour

Moscow Bar Tour

Moscow pub crawl and bar tour is one of the most popular and exciting ways of exploring the Moscow nightlife.…
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Winter Moscow

Winter Moscow

See the magical wonder of snow-covered Russia in the winter. Plan a winter tour to Moscow and indulge yourself in…
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Flea Market in Izmailovo/Art Market Tour

Delve into the local art, handicrafts and indigenous clothing of Moscow. And get a glimpse directly into the Russian culture.…
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4 x 4 tour on off-road vehicles on Moscow suburbs

4 x 4 Tour on Russian Jeeps Tired of doing the traditional tours, sightseeing the well-known spots and the big…
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Short Tour for Transit Passengers in Moscow

Short Tour for Transit passengers Make the most of your transit stopover at any of Moscow airports. Even if you…
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Suzdal, Vladimir, Bogolyubovo Tour

Suzdal, Vladimir, Bogolyubovo Tour Suzdal, Vladimir, Bogolyubovo Tour This is a fast-track version of the classic Golden Ring tour. The…
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Moscow & Golden Ring | RUSSIA

Golden Ring Russia, Golden Ring Tour Golden Ring Russia great travel option.Golden Ring refers to a loop of towns clustered towards…
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Kolomna Tour | RUSSIA

Kolomna Tour Kolomna Tour Kolomna is one of the oldest Moscow towns with a rich history and cultural heritage. Located…
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My company VPTHEBEST TOUR provides individual and group excursions In Moscow and Golden Ring. It could be done either by foot, by car or by bus. Contact me to order and organise the tour.


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